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Non-Profit Organizations

Donor Management Systems

Choosing the correct Donor Management System for your organization can make a big difference in your ability to raise funds. Having software that is user friendly allows you to make an effective use of your limited resource pool. Many non-profit organizations use archaic databases, spreadsheets, and email programs to keep track of their donations and day-to-day campaign operations. We understand how you interact with your donors and can provide a system that is catered to your needs. We are able to simplify your complex relationships by capturing, storing and displaying information in an easy to understand format. This allows you to engage your current donors to inspire them to keep donating to your cause. Donor Management Studio is a lightweight software application that enables you to effectively manage your non-profit organization.

Hosting On Site vs. The Cloud

There are two ways that our donor management system can be deployed. Installing systems on a local server provides organizations with a lower cost of ownership. However, you will need some IT infrastructure in place in order to remain operational. We will assist in automating data backups to an external source and also provide remote support should the need arise. We are also able to host your application in the cloud on a secure and reliable server. Cloud hosting will alleviate the need to require in house IT personnel for system maintenance, as well as the ability to access the application from anywhere that has an internet connection without the need for additional complex security requirements.

Flexible Donor Information Management

Donor information is maintained in a structured and secure database for reporting, searching, and data manipulation. We can also track other aspects that are important including volunteer services that have been offered/provided and event details that have been monitored and tracked. The donor information and transactions in your database can be output in a number of ways. Our system can export table data to CSV or PDF, it can generate mail merges from templates, or it can generate a series of custom reports that are catered to your organization. These reports can be generated on demand or can be automatically emailed to members of your organization on a regular pre-defined interval. The donor information can also be amalgamated on a dashboard that shows up to date metrics indicating how certain areas of the organization are performing weekly, monthly, or yearly.

Upgrading Obsolete Technologies

If you are currently working with old technology and feel it is time for an upgrade, we can preserve your data while moving you to a new system. We are experienced with large data migration projects. We use proven methodologies maintain the integrity and consistency of your data and mitigate risks. We can also integrate our system with many other accounting or other third party applications that you use to perform day to day activities. Keeping you operational during this difficult transition is our number one priority; we want to make sure the process is smooth.

Purchasing Donor Management Studio

To learn more about how your organization can benefit from the Donor Management Studio CRM tool. Email at us info@isystemsnow.com, or call us at our head office. We can provide you with a free online demo to show you what our application is capable of.

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